General Household Pest Control

We’ve got you covered, no matter the size of your house. Whether you need us quarterly, monthly, or annually, we keep all our clients bug free and happy by targeting the most common household pests such as ants, roaches, silverfish and spiders. We use environmentally friendly products that are safe for all children and pets and we treat the interior and exterior of a home.

Lawn Care & Ornamental Pest Control 

You work hard on your lawn – let us help you keep it pest free with a variety of lawn and ornamental treatments designed to keep your Florida lawn healthy, beautiful and bug free. These services include: fertilization, turf-destroying insect control, lawn disease control, weed control, weed control other than typical broadleaf weeds, fungicide treatments and fire ant control.


Major Pest Solutions is certified, highly trained and experienced in the administering of America’s #1 termite defense product known as Termidor. Termidor is a proven treatment that is 100% effective against the invasion of termites. It has been tested more than any other termiticide in history. Termidor’s unique ingestion, contact, and ‘transfer agent effect’ manages colonies in 3 months or less. Termidor can manage colonies 2 – 6 times faster than any other bait system. Termidor is a responsible, low-dose treatment with no odor.

White Fly

With over 60 varieties of white fly, this is a huge issue in South Florida. At Major Pest Solutions, managing white fly is one of our specialties. Major Pest Solutions primarily uses Arborjet products to treat whitefly.Please visit this page for more information on treating whitefly.

Commercial Pest Control

We provide top-notch solutions for commercial properties such as gated communities, businesses and warehouses. Whether you need help eradicating landscape pests and diseases or rodent management and exclusion, Major Pest Solutions can help. We provide a full roster of management services for commercial properties that fit any company’s budget while still providing quality pest control services.


Nobody wants rodents scurrying around their house. If you are looking to prevent rodents or need help eradicating these disease carrying pests, contact Major Pest Solutions Today. By using traps and other techniques, we can help you prevent, identify and control different types of rodents.


South Florida is notorious for mosquitoes. If you’ve got a swarm you can’t get under control, give us a call and we’ll be glad to help.

Africanized Bees Control

Known as killer bees, these hybrid bees were originally bred to produce a better honey but these bees are much more aggressive, more easily provoked, quicker to swarm and will pursue victims over a longer distance. If you have a nest of Africanized Bees and would like it removed, Major Pest Solutions can help you.